2019 C4ISR Symposium Agenda

May 7 - 8, 2019 San Diego, Liberty Station Conference Center

“Coalition Warfare”

8 May 2018 (Day 1)

0700 – 0900: Breakfast


0800 – 0805: National Anthem 


0805 – 0815: Opening Remarks 


0815 – 0900: Keynote Address:  RDML Carl P. Chebi, USN, Program Executive Officer (PEO) C4I & Space Systems


0900 – 1000:  Panel Session: Supporting Coalition Operations

Moderator:  CAPT Yokoyama, USN, Commanding Officer, SSC PAC

Panel Member: CAPT Mike Mattis, USNR, Commanding Officer, C3F HQ Unit

Panel Member:  Paul Shigley, SSC PAC

Panel Member: Mark Kolheim, CACI International Inc

1000 – 1015:  Break 

1015 – 1115: Panel Session:  Coalition Networks

Moderator:  CAPT Kurt Rothenhaus, USN, PEO C4I PMW 160 Program Manager

Panel Member: CAPT Danelle Sadoski, USN, COMTHIRDFLT N6

Panel Member:  Mr. Marv Langston, Principal, Langston Associates

Panel Member:  Ms. Stacey Anfuso, CEO/President, La Jolla Logic

Panel Member:  Mr. Jim Churchill, Specialist Leader, Deloitte

1115 – 1200:  Networking Break/Lunch Buffet 

1200 – 1300:  Lunch Keynote:  “The Strategic Landscape” – CAPT George Galdorisi, USN (ret), SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific

1300 – 1330:  Networking Break/Lunch Cleanup

1330– 1430:  Panel Session: Secure Application Development – DevOps / SecDevOps

Moderator:  Mr. Gerald ‘Rocky’ McMurray, CDR USN (ret) / Navy Account Executive, Red Hat

Panel Member: Mr. Rick Jack; SSC PAC, Senior Scientist Technical Manager; C4ISR Software Engineering

Panel Member: Mr. Jim Jennis; Amazon Web Services, Principal Solution Architect

Panel Member: Mr. Dominic Holt, Executive Director Engineering, SOLUTE Consulting

1430 – 1530: Panel Session –Coalition Communications

Moderator:  CAPT Andrew Gibbons, USN, PEO C4I PMW/A-170 Program Manager

Panel Member: Mr. Jarratt Mowery, PEO Space Systems – MUOS

Panel Member: Mr. Mark Compton, PEO C4I PMW 150 Deputy PM – Tactical Data Networks (Links)

Panel Member: Mr. Thomas Johnson – USMC – Coalition Communications

Panel Member: Dr. Kurt Fiscko, PMW/A 170 Technical Director

1515 – 1530: Break

1530 – 1630: Panel Session – Coalition Space Operations

Moderator:  COL Robert Wright Jr, USAF (ret), Specialist Leader, Deloitte

Panel Member: RDML James H. Rodman Jr, USN (ret), CEO XSITE LLC

Panel Member: CAPT Jack Nicholson, USN (ret), Chief Systems Architect, SBG Technology Solutions

Panel Member: CAPT Christopher DeSena, USN, PEO Space Systems

1630 – 1900:  Symposium Social Mixer (onsite) 

9 May 2018 (Day 2) 

0700 – 0900: Breakfast

0800 – 0805: Pledge of Allegiance

0805 – 0815: President’s Opening Remarks

0815 – 0915: Panel Session – CDS Collaboration

Moderator: Mr. Doug Steil, GM/Sr. Director – Cybersecurity Products Portfolio, BAE

Panel Member: Ms. Teresa White, Chief Cross Domain Solutions, DISA

Panel Member: Ms. Rob Wickham, Director of APIM Business Unit Sales, CA Technologies, Inc.

Panel Member: Mr. Michael Blake, Technical Director, Trident Systems

Panel Member: Mr. Ben Burrowes, Director Sales, Sterling Computers

0915 – 0930: Break

0930 – 1030: Panel Session – Geospatial Intelligence in a Coalition Environment

Moderator: Robert “Space” Kraft, NGA Liaison to SPAWAR

Panel Member: Mr. Curt Hammill, Navy Account Executive, Esri

Panel Member: Dr. Clarissa Anderson, UCSD

Panel Member: SSG William Wade, California National Guard

1030 – 1130: Panel Session – Fleet Operational Experience with Coalition C4I

Moderator: CAPT Bryan Lopez, USN (ret), SPAWAR HQ

Panel Member: CAPT Tracy Hines, USN, COMSEVENTHFLT N6

Panel Member: CAPT Dennis Schulz, USN (ret), COMTHIRDFLT KMO

Panel Member: CAPT Brian Erickson, PMW 130 Principal APM

1130 – 1200: Networking Break / Lunch Buffet

1200 – 1300: Lunch Keynote – “Foreign Military Sales” – Mr. Simon Smith, PEO PMW 740, Deputy PM

1300 – 1330: Networking Break / Lunch Clean Up

1330 – 1430: Panel Session – Information Sharing in Coalition Civil Support Operations and International Disaster Relief

Moderator: Mr. Todd Stansfield, CEM

Panel Member: Mr. Bryan Caraveo, Sr. Defense Analyst, Booz Allen Hamilton

Panel Member: Mr. David Polatty, Professor, Naval War College

Panel Member: LTC Haviland, California National Guard

Panel Member: Mr. Ray Chaney, 211 San Diego

1430 – 1530: Panel / Speech – Naval Coalition Networking

Moderator/Speaker: Mr. Terry McKearney, President, The Ranger Group

1530 – 1545: Break

1545 – 1645: Strike Group Post-Cruise Brief: CAPT Russ Smith, USN, IWC, Carrier Strike Group 9 (CCSG-9) 

10 May 2018 (Small Business Day)

0800 – 0805: Pledge of Allegiance

0805 – 0815: President’s Opening Remarks

0815 – 0915: Panel Session – Export Control and ITAR

Moderator: Ms. Jennifer Mah, Security Consultant/FSO

Panel Member: Mr. W. Brad Lewis, Managing Director, Trade Compliance & Brexit Consulting

0915 – 0930: Break

0930 – 1030: Panel Session – Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS)

Moderator: CAPT Bryan Lopez, USN (ret), SPAWAR HQ

Panel Member: Mr. Andy von Stauffenberg, CEO, VSTAR Systems, Inc.

Panel Member: Mr. Luke Fox, CEO, WhiteFox Defense Technologies, Inc.

Panel Member: Mr. Daniel Magy, CEO, Citadel Defense Company

Panel Member: Mr. Nick Flom, Executive Director, Northern Plains UAS Test Site

1030 – 1130: Panel Session – Women in Defense Tech

Moderator: Ms. Rebecca Unetic, President, WID San Diego & Director of Strategy, Fuse Integration

Panel Member: Ms. Delores Washburn, Chief Engineer, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific

Panel Member: Ms. Susie Hartzog, Communications Networks & Cybersecurity Head, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific

Panel Member: CDR Sarah Michael, USN, Principal APM, MUOS, PEO C4I PMW/A 170

Panel Member: Ms. Julie Hrushka, Sr. Manager – Technology, Deloitte

1130-1200: Closing Speaker – “Role of Intl Coalition C4ISR in Trump Administration Def Strat & Policy” – CAPT Sam Tangredi, USN (ret), Author & Professor US Naval War College






0700 – 0900: Breakfast

0800 – 0805: National Anthem

0805 – 0815: AFCEA San Diego President’s Opening Remarks

0815 – 0830:  SPAWAR “Environmental Scan” Introduction – CAPT Gisele Bonitz, Commanding Officer SPAWAR System Center Pacific

0830 – 0915: “The Strategic Landscape facing DoD and the Navy” – Rachel Volner, SPAWAR System Center Pacific

0915 – 1015: Keynote Address: RADM David Lewis

1015 – 1030: Break

1030 – 1130: Panel Session – Architecting a Digital Navy

  • Moderator: Nick Freije, SPAWAR System Center Pacific
  • Panel Member: Greg Shaffer (SES), SPAWAR HQ Deputy Chief Engineer
  • Panel Member: CAPT Christopher Sund, Third Fleet Asst. Chief of Staff for Requirements, Innovation, and Experimentation (N8N9)
  • Panel Member: Cameron Chehreh, Dell EMC Federal Chief Technology Officer

1130 – 1200: Networking Break/Lunch Buffet

1200 – 1300: Lunch Keynote: Digital Transformation, Cameron Chehreh, Dell EMC Federal Chief Technology Officer

1300 – 1330: Networking Break/Lunch Cleanup

1330 – 1430: Panel Session – Using Open Standards to Drive Interoperability

  • Moderator: Lee Zimmerman, SPAWAR System Center Pacific Technical Director
  • Panel Member: Tim Lunderman, World Wide Technologies Principal Consultant
  • Panel Member: A.T. Monroe

1430 – 1530: Panel Session – Lessons Learned in Visualizing the Future of War Through Fiction

  • Moderator: Aaron Marx, Deloitte
  • Panel Member: Peter Singer, best-selling author of “Ghost Fleet”
  • Panel Member: CAPT (ret) George Galdorisi, SPAWAR System Center Pacific
  • Panel Member: LtCol Patrick Kirchner, USMC Warfighting Laboratory

1530 – 1545:  Break

1545 – 1645: Cyber Strategy Forum sponsored by USD Center for Cybersecurity Engineering & Technology – US Cybersecurity Strategy and Policy and their Impacts on Public and Private Digital Transformation

  • Moderator: RDML (ret) James. H. Rodman, Jr., USN
  • Panel Member: RADM (ret) Ken Slaght, USN, President San Diego Cyber Center Of Excellence
  • Panel Member: Ryan Griffin, Senior Vice President, Credit, Political & Security Risks, JLT Specialty USA
  • Panel Member: Dr. Chell Roberts, Dean University of San Diego Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering
  • Panel Member: Dr. Jack Furay, Senior Special Agent, U.S. Secret Service

1645 – 1900:  Social Mixer (onsite)

0700 – 0900: Breakfast

0800 – 0805: Pledge of Allegiance

0805 – 0815: President’s Opening Remarks

0815 – 0915: Panel Session – Operating in a Cloud Environment

  • Moderator:  Trudi Morgan, SPAWAR System Center Pacific
  • Panel Member: Steve Mitchell, Lockheed Martin Engineering Fellow
  • Panel Member: Jay Hum, Pivotal Labs
  • Panel Member: Barry Barlow, Vencore (former head of NGA GEOINT services and Chief of Acquisition)

0915 – 0930: Break

0930 – 1030:  Panel Session – Data Management Strategies for the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Moderator:  Delores Washburn, SSC Pacific Chief Engineer
  • Panel Member: Craig Owen, Internet of Things Group, Intel Corporation
  • Panel Member: Manuel Terranova, Chief Executive Officer, Peaxy
  • Panel Member: Michael Patrick Moran, Research Director, Gartner

1030 – 1130: Panel Session – Mobility and Security in a Digital World

  • Moderator:  CAPT (ret) Bryan Lopez, SPAWAR Special Advisor for Cyber Security
  • Panel Member: Tim Adams, WWT, Mobility Technical Solutions Architect
  • Panel Member: Eugene Liderman, Director for Airwatch Product Management at VMWare
  • Panel Member: Steve Schmalz, Principal System Engineer, RSA
  • Panel Member: Dr. Henrik Christensen, Director of the Contextual Robotics Institute at UC San Diego

1130 – 1200:  Networking Break / Lunch Buffet

1200 – 1300: Lunch Keynote – Steve Brown, Vice President of Innovation Labs, CoreLogic

1300 – 1330:  Networking Break / Lunch Cleanup

1330 – 1430: Looking forward to Next Year’s Symposium

  • Moderator: Jack Turner, AFCEA San Diego Symposium Chair
  • Panel Member: VADM (ret) Ted Branch – President, DroneAviator
  • Panel Member: Mr. Tom Tiernan – Executive Portfolio Manager
  • Panel Member: Mr. Jamie Schlosser – Production Installation and In-Service Engineering Business Portfolio Manager
  • Panel Member: Mr. John D. Morrison, Director of ONR Naval and Industry Innovative Research Partnerships

1430 – 1445: Break

1445 – 1600:  Keynote Speaker – Peter Singer, author of “Ghost Fleet” – Confirmed

1600 – 1900: Speaker’s Reception – Liberty Station Courtyard Marriott Patio

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