AFCEA San Diego C4ISR Symposium -07-08 May 2019

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“Engineering Change|Change Engineering”

7 – 8 May 2019

Speaker Series

Fostering tomorrow’s Thinkers 

Improving Coalition Information Warfare Interoperability

Training to Fight within the Information Warfare Domain

Enablement of Modernized Technology

Protection of integrated NC3

Panel Series

Leveraging AI to Provide Augmented Intelligence

Innovation: Thinking outside the Box

Prototyping for the Warfighter

The Future of Cyber Warfare

Information Warfare Enterprise

Cybersecurity and the Airworthiness Certificate

Cybersecurity Governance

The Navy Cloud Transformation and 5G

Quantum Computing

Information Warfare Effects




0700 – 0900: Breakfast

0800 – 0805: National Anthem

0805 – 0815: AFCEA San Diego President’s Opening Remarks

0815 – 0830:  SPAWAR “Environmental Scan” Introduction – CAPT Gisele Bonitz, Commanding Officer SPAWAR System Center Pacific

0830 – 0915: “The Strategic Landscape facing DoD and the Navy” – Rachel Volner, SPAWAR System Center Pacific

0915 – 1015: Keynote Address: RADM David Lewis

1015 – 1030: Break

1030 – 1130: Panel Session – Architecting a Digital Navy

  • Moderator: Nick Freije, SPAWAR System Center Pacific
  • Panel Member: Greg Shaffer (SES), SPAWAR HQ Deputy Chief Engineer
  • Panel Member: CAPT Christopher Sund, Third Fleet Asst. Chief of Staff for Requirements, Innovation, and Experimentation (N8N9)
  • Panel Member: Cameron Chehreh, Dell EMC Federal Chief Technology Officer

1130 – 1200: Networking Break/Lunch Buffet

1200 – 1300: Lunch Keynote: Digital Transformation, Cameron Chehreh, Dell EMC Federal Chief Technology Officer

1300 – 1330: Networking Break/Lunch Cleanup

1330 – 1430: Panel Session – Using Open Standards to Drive Interoperability

  • Moderator: Lee Zimmerman, SPAWAR System Center Pacific Technical Director
  • Panel Member: Tim Lunderman, World Wide Technologies Principal Consultant
  • Panel Member: A.T. Monroe

1430 – 1530: Panel Session – Lessons Learned in Visualizing the Future of War Through Fiction

  • Moderator: Aaron Marx, Deloitte
  • Panel Member: Peter Singer, best-selling author of “Ghost Fleet”
  • Panel Member: CAPT (ret) George Galdorisi, SPAWAR System Center Pacific
  • Panel Member: LtCol Patrick Kirchner, USMC Warfighting Laboratory

1530 – 1545:  Break

1545 – 1645: Cyber Strategy Forum sponsored by USD Center for Cybersecurity Engineering & Technology – US Cybersecurity Strategy and Policy and their Impacts on Public and Private Digital Transformation

  • Moderator: RDML (ret) James. H. Rodman, Jr., USN
  • Panel Member: RADM (ret) Ken Slaght, USN, President San Diego Cyber Center Of Excellence
  • Panel Member: Ryan Griffin, Senior Vice President, Credit, Political & Security Risks, JLT Specialty USA
  • Panel Member: Dr. Chell Roberts, Dean University of San Diego Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering
  • Panel Member: Dr. Jack Furay, Senior Special Agent, U.S. Secret Service

1645 – 1900:  Social Mixer (onsite)

0700 – 0900: Breakfast

0800 – 0805: Pledge of Allegiance

0805 – 0815: President’s Opening Remarks

0815 – 0915: Panel Session – Operating in a Cloud Environment

  • Moderator:  Trudi Morgan, SPAWAR System Center Pacific
  • Panel Member: Steve Mitchell, Lockheed Martin Engineering Fellow
  • Panel Member: Jay Hum, Pivotal Labs
  • Panel Member: Barry Barlow, Vencore (former head of NGA GEOINT services and Chief of Acquisition)

0915 – 0930: Break

0930 – 1030:  Panel Session – Data Management Strategies for the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Moderator:  Delores Washburn, SSC Pacific Chief Engineer
  • Panel Member: Craig Owen, Internet of Things Group, Intel Corporation
  • Panel Member: Manuel Terranova, Chief Executive Officer, Peaxy
  • Panel Member: Michael Patrick Moran, Research Director, Gartner

1030 – 1130: Panel Session – Mobility and Security in a Digital World

  • Moderator:  CAPT (ret) Bryan Lopez, SPAWAR Special Advisor for Cyber Security
  • Panel Member: Tim Adams, WWT, Mobility Technical Solutions Architect
  • Panel Member: Eugene Liderman, Director for Airwatch Product Management at VMWare
  • Panel Member: Steve Schmalz, Principal System Engineer, RSA
  • Panel Member: Dr. Henrik Christensen, Director of the Contextual Robotics Institute at UC San Diego

1130 – 1200:  Networking Break / Lunch Buffet

1200 – 1300: Lunch Keynote – Steve Brown, Vice President of Innovation Labs, CoreLogic

1300 – 1330:  Networking Break / Lunch Cleanup

1330 – 1430: Looking forward to Next Year’s Symposium

  • Moderator: Jack Turner, AFCEA San Diego Symposium Chair
  • Panel Member: VADM (ret) Ted Branch – President, DroneAviator
  • Panel Member: Mr. Tom Tiernan – Executive Portfolio Manager
  • Panel Member: Mr. Jamie Schlosser – Production Installation and In-Service Engineering Business Portfolio Manager
  • Panel Member: Mr. John D. Morrison, Director of ONR Naval and Industry Innovative Research Partnerships

1430 – 1445: Break

1445 – 1600:  Keynote Speaker – Peter Singer, author of “Ghost Fleet” – Confirmed

1600 – 1900: Speaker’s Reception – Liberty Station Courtyard Marriott Patio

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